Top Questions to Ask a Windshield Replacement Company


A proper windshield replacement is dependent on the technician’s training. You should ask helpful questions to learn more before choosing a shop. You should note that a windshield plays an important role in your vehicle’s structural integrity. These are questions you should ask when hiring a top windshield repair company.

Are the Technicians Certified and Trained to Install Windshields?

When searching around for a windshield repair Portland company, this is the first question you ought to ask: how long have your technicians been doing the job? Are they certified by independent organizations? Some companies say that their technicians are certified, but they are not certified by relevant organizations. Have the technicians completed relevant training? Do they have adequate job training?

Do All Materials Used Meet Required Safety Standards?

There are different standards meant to reduce driver and passenger injuries that result from impact to glass surfaces. That is necessary to ensure a degree of transparency in motor vehicle windows and minimize the possibility of occupants being thrown out of the …